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When a little stray puppy befriends a soldier named Robert Conroy training to go to war in 1917, he starts out on an amazing journey as the private teaches him all he needs to know to become a U.S. Army soldier too. After sneaking him on board a ship heading to Europe, the two best friends fight side-by-side in what soon becomes the biggest war the world has ever seen!  

The little dog, affectionately named “Stubby” because of his stout tail, learns to bravely confront all the brand new warfare devices he encounters including tanks, machine guns, planes, and mustard gas as he proudly serves his country in the First World War and becomes a true American war hero.

This well-researched historical fiction novella makes reading about history fun for readers both young and old(er). It's an entertaining way to introduce young readers to all the "firsts" of World War I as they experience it all through the eyes of this real little dog who served in it so bravely. 

There is a historical facts sheet at the end to let readers know which parts of the story were taken from real places, events, and battles and which parts were fictionalized (to keep the storyline moving at an interesting pace). 

Book Details
Genre: Historical Fiction 
Length: Novella (approx. 90 pages)
Reading Level: For ages 9 & up 
Language: English
Cost: $3.99 (ebook)

About Sergeant Stubby In The Great War:
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